How Today’s Mobile Apps Can Keep Your Property Safe

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There are thousands of apps for smartphones and tablets. Each performs a different function that, just a few short years ago, we did for ourselves, or was something we couldn’t imagine doing.

Today there are apps for nearly every aspect of our lives, both private and professional. The Security Guard Industry is no exception.

Smartphone and tablet apps for security tend to fall into one of two categories: reporting only and management and reporting

The reporting only apps allow guards in the field to do reports or logs on their mobile device. Once completed, the reports can then be uploaded to a central server, or emailed to a supervisor or client.

These apps provide a much more efficient means for reporting activities by eliminating paper reports. They also allow managers or clients to check on what’s happening throughout the day or night, providing instant access to security officer’s reports when they are needed.

More robust apps with management features are also available. These apps provide managers or clients with a higher level of input and control over their security.

Some allow managers to set up checkpoints in their app and pair them to the physical locations using barcodes or geotags. The barcodes are scanned and the app records that an officer arrived at a location.

Geotags are small devices with microchips inside that can be attached to a pole, fence, building or other stationary structure. As officers pass by the geotags, the app records their presence at that location. When an app recognizes the geotags, it shares that information with its online version.

There are some management apps that actually make it possible to view and manage a guard’s activities in real time. In addition to the monitoring guards and their performance, managers can schedule officers for their shifts through apps, deploy officers, and assign them to their routes.

Higher-level features available in some apps will allow onsite officers to record and post voice memos, photos and video.

To ensure our security officers have the most advanced app with the right capabilities, American Security Force developed GuardTrack. This security app was designed by security professionals, for security professionals. It meets the demands of the guard in the field, and provides them with the capabilities to accurately record conditions and communicate them back to the manager or client.

Guardtrack helps you to monitor your guards from dozing off on the job as well.

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This mobile app gives managers and clients a real time view of what’s happening. Along with real time reporting and GPS tracking, GuardTrack can record and upload photos and video.

But perhaps the most valuable feature of this advanced app is the ability to stream real-time video. That’s something not found in other apps. This feature allows managers or clients to respond to situations in seconds, and removes that burden from the onsite officer, who is dealing with the situation at the scene.

When onsite officers attempt to apprehend dangerous individuals, streaming video will allow those monitoring to call for back up or notify law enforcement instantly. This ability is an incredible advantage to both officers in the field, and the businesses they serve. Seconds are often the difference between a situation being contained, or one growing out of control.

For businesses, out of control situations can result in increased costs caused by property damage, criminal charges or lawsuits.

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