Disaster Planning: Keeping Businesses Secure

Disaster planning can ensure operations and reduce downtime

This hurricane season is shaping up to be a costly one. Thousands of businesses in Southeast Texas are closed. Now a second hurricane is headed for Florida and threatens even more damage. These two storms serve to underscore the need for disaster planning inside of every organization.

Economic Losses

Last week, Hurricane Harvey came ashore in Southeast Texas and flooded most of Houston and the surrounding region. Thousands are homeless, businesses are underwater, and thousands are homeless.

On top of all of that, one-fifth of the country’s oil refining capacity has been knocked out. That could be more than one million barrels per day that are no longer available!

While it is too early to tell exactly what impact Harvey will have on the economy, Bloomberg estimates that the hurricane could cause $75 billion in economic losses.

As if this wasn’t enough, Hurricane Irma is just a few hundred miles away from the Florida coast. This Category 5 storm has caused widespread destruction in the Caribbean and is expected to turn toward the state in a matter of days. Irma could lead to an even larger loss for our economy.

Disaster Planning

Whether your business is located in a hurricane-prone Gulf state, or on the West Coast where earthquakes can shake us at any time, your business should engage in disaster planning to ensure its continued operation.  In some circles, this is also referred to as business continuity planning.

During emergencies, your business is at its most vulnerable. So developing contingencies for times of disaster can ensure the safety of your assets and reduce downtime.  Develop a plan that lays out how your organization will continue to operate during emergencies. Detail how vital functions such as power, computer and phone systems, production and transportation will continue.

Businesses should also consider how their most important system, their human resources, will continue to function, as well. Will you provide a shelter on the premises, or can business functions be carried out remotely?

You should also determine how your facilities will be protected, as well. Will you hire private security guards, or rely on some other means?

To ensure your business is secure during times of disaster, call the professionals at American Security Force at 877-722-8585. We can help you create a Disaster Plan that includes protecting your assets.