Cloud Computing Allows Us to Better Serve Our Clients

Sep 24, 2015 | Security Solutions

The big topic in the IT world today is cloud computing. It is revolutionizing how corporations view and use information technology.

Cloud computing moves your software applications and data storage needs from your desktop or onsite server to an offsite server hosted on the internet, or “in the cloud.” It’s not really a new concept. It is similar to how corporate computing systems worked before the desktop era, when all programs and data storage resided on a shared mainframe computer. Today, instead of a mainframe, the programs you need to access reside on a server somewhere else, with built-in back-ups.

American Security Force accesses all of its applications and data through the internet using cloud computing. This practice has given our business some distinct advantages and has proven beneficial to our customers, as well.

Being 100% Cloud Computing Reduces Time Delays

Simply put, being a cloud-based security company gives American Security Force an advantage that security companies using traditional dedicated servers don’t have. Cloud-based storage reduces time delays caused by operational issues such as server problems or software glitches. We are no longer dependent on outside IT vendors, either, waiting to get our issues repaired on their timetable. Cloud computing has redundancies built in, which means the applications we need to access are always available. That gives us the power to provide you with uninterrupted safety and security.

Higher Quality Security Services at a Lower Cost

Utilizing cloud-based applications dramatically reduces our overhead. We no longer need to employ an IT person, or hire an outside IT vendor. Theses savings are invested back into our security services allowing American Security Force to innovate faster and provide you with a higher quality security service at a lower rate.

Secure Access to Data

Because cloud computing is based on the internet, customers can login and have secure access to the same data that we have. Our online portal provides you with real-time tracking of the location of American Security Force officers who are assigned to your account. This same, real-time access allows you to get a clear picture of that guard’s activities, and see incident and maintenance reports, as well.

Cloud computing can also provide you with 24-7 access to your account information from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

American Security force is dedicated to using cloud computing and leading edge technology to supply more advanced services to our customers. We believe it is one of the factors that set us apart from our competition.

To learn more about how American Security Force can use technology to solve your security needs, call us at 877-722-8585.

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