Civil Unrest: Planning for These Events

civil unrest has become a security issue for businesses

We are living in a period of increased civil unrest and violence. Unfortunately, riots or disturbances can occur suddenly and often with little or no advanced warning. They can endanger the lives of your employees, customers or vendors and cause disturbances to your company.

Businesses need to be watchful and prepared for these events and have plans in place that define how personnel should respond.

Preparing for Civil Unrest

Work with your security team or security company to develop a plan for civil unrest events.   Your plan should include accounting for all of your employees and define how all levels of the organization will communicate with each other during the crisis.

It should also detail the responsibilities and actions that each of member of your staff will need to take during the event.


One of the best ways to prepare for a civil unrest event is to be aware of what is happening around your business. Try to notice what’s going on in your neighborhood and the mood of the people in it.

Be on the look out for potential threats. They can take the form of suspicious people loitering nearby. It could also be abandoned packages or luggage near your location. When you see these things, contact the authorities.

You should also be watchful for increased vandalism or destruction of property around your facility. These are indicators of the mood of residents around you. When you see an increase in these indicators, the mood is worsening.


How your security team responds to a disturbance depends on two factors: the nature of the event and it’s proximity to your business.

If you see a gathering of peaceful protesters with signs marching through your area, you may not need to do anything. However, if a riot erupts with looting and wide scale property destruction, your response will be much different.

The event’s location as it relates to your business will also dictate your response. If it’s near your building, you will probably need to take more action than if it is miles away.

For violent events that occur in your immediate area, contact the authorities, have your employees stay inside and lock down your facility. Keep your staff away form windows and doors, as well. Rioters may be throwing things in your direction.

You should also designate a gathering area in advance that is safe and away from windows. Have your employees meet there and stay until the unrest has died down.

If you want to make plans to respond to civil unrest events, call American Security Force at 877-722-8585. We can help your organization be prepared.