Body Cameras: Can They Protect Your Property?

body cameras for security patrol los angelesAfter the riots in Ferguson, MO and New York, President Obama promised that the federal government would provide 50,000 body cameras for law enforcement.

The intention behind this move was that with cameras mounted on police officers, they would not only follow the letter of the law, but there would also be documented evidence of what transpired during arrests.

With the role of security officers expanding today, and with the wider adoption of this technology by law enforcement, one has to assume that it is only a matter of time before wearable cameras will become standard equipment in the security industry.

Body Cameras Provide Transparency and Evidence

Security guards with American Security Force have had the ability to be outfitted with cameras for some time now. These body cameras will not only record and upload video, but also allow for streaming video. This ability allows managers and clients to have a real time view of what is transpiring remotely.

Stationary video surveillance cameras serve their purpose,  but the body cameras give an up close and personal point of view that the “eye in the sky” can’t capture.

Body cameras mean better security, as well. When events unfold quickly, memories are not perfect, even trained ones. When you add the fact that eyes don’t always see well in the dark, the value of recording officers while they are patrolling or protecting others becomes clear. Wearable cameras become a solution to human inabilities. They provide documented evidence of events.

The Fresno Police Department in Fresno, California has announced the integration of wearable cameras.

They also provide an added layer of transparency. When dealing with thieves, trespassers or those engaged in unlawful activities, body cameras provide property owners and clients with peace of mind. There will be video evidence to show what really happened.

Wearable cameras are also affordable. They are available for as little as $89 and, at that price, include built-in DVRs that record 720 X 480 HD video. They can capture still images in HD, as well.

Added security, enhanced transparency and affordability. Body cameras will be the next technology adopted by the security industry.

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