California Hate Crimes: Keeping Your Business and Property Safe

Hate crimes, social problem concept with a dark grey brick wall with spray can paint painted on the building structure as a symbol of racism and race discrimination as an illegal racial act of hatred and vandalism based on fear and xenophobia.In December, the F.B.I. released its Hate Crime Statistics report for 2013. The data on these Hate crimes was collected from law enforcements agencies around the country.

The report showed that 5,922 hate crimes occurred that year, involving 6,933 offenses and 7,242 victims. Law enforcement was able to identify 5,814 offenders responsible for these crimes.

These incidents can occur against people and organizations. Those involving people include offenses such as intimidation, assault, rape and murder. Incidents directed at organizations or institutions take the form of property damage or destruction and vandalism.

Acts against people accounted for 63.9% of the total offenses in 2013. That comes out to be about 4430 incidents.

California Ranks High for Hate Crimes

The State of California ranks first in the number of hate crimes across the nation according to the F.B.I. statistics. Its total of 1012 incidents is far and away the most of any other state. The second leading state, New York, experienced 655.

That means out of all of the 50 states, California had 14.6% of all hate crimes in 2013!   Those incidents involved one murder, one rape, 235 occurrences of intimidation, 239 assaults, and 149 aggravated assaults.

Hate crimes by their very definition are crimes of emotion, and because of that, can occur anywhere or at anytime against any segment or group. If they occur at your business or property might involve lawsuits and, ultimately, higher insurance premiums.

The saddest thing about these incidents is that they can be avoided. The best deterrent for hate crimes is security.

The security guards from American Security Force are highly trained and professional. Often, their presence alone is enough to keep criminals or those who might engage in intimidation or assault from doing so for fear of being apprehended. They are also trained to detect threats from others, and are able to predict and prevent violent behavior before it happens.

California is a beautiful, diverse, exciting place to live and work. Don’t allow the threat of hate crimes or other incidents to invade your business or property. Call us today at 877-722-8585 and learn how we can help keep you secure.