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Sep 9, 2015 | Security Guards

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 illustrated the need for enhanced security throughout our country. As private security companies responded, organizations such as the National Association of Security Companies (NASCO) set high standards for security personnel and promoted ethical conduct from companies and their employees. This helped to transform the security sector into the professional industry it is today.


According to their website, NASCO is, “the nation’s largest contract security association, representing private security companies that employ more than 400,000 of the nation’s most highly trained security officers servicing every business sector.”

Their mission is, “To promote standards and professionalism for private security officers…and within the contract security industry, participate in federal and state legislative and policy on issues affecting private security, advocate for raising standards at the federal, state and local level for the licensing of private security firms and the registration, screening and training of security officers.”

NASCO is leading efforts to set meaningful standards for the private security industry and the security officers who work in it. NASCO works in the arena of public policy. The organization monitors state and federal legislation and regulations that affect the quality and effectiveness of private security services. NASCO offers its public support to legislation that helps improve the industry and questions those bills that might negatively impact it.

California’s Requirements

Amongst the 50 states, legislation differs in its regulation of the security industry. The State of California, though, has some of the most stringent standards for security guards in the country. To work in this state you must be 18-years-old and undergo a criminal background check. The checks are conducted through the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

The State has also mandated that all applicants must go through a 40-hour training course. To be able to carry a gun and work as an armed guard in the state, security officers must submit to an additional 14 hours of course work and training.

As a security firm located in Southern California, the guards with American Security Force must meet the requirements set out by the State. Once hired, we continue to train our officers to handle every security detail. The guards who work for us are highly trained and professional.

We believe that having higher standards is the best way to serve our customers. We stand ready to help you with your security needs.

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